Latest Hottest Hair Color: New Ideas For A Change-Up

Hottest Hair Color

If you’re like me, you’ve spent the past weeks convincing yourself you need a new hair color. Lucky for you, I’ve spent a dumb amount of time combing through Instagram to find The prettiest Hair colors Trend and Fresh to change up your look .

Between the creamy blondes and metallic brunettes, the and toasty ash hues, these hair color trends are here to give inspo all year long. You’ll find more than one shade to rock for the winter, spring, summer, and fall. Kick off 2021 with one of these 20 hot-on-the-scene hair colors.

So buckle up, take notes, and start prepping for your new look, ahead.


Creamy Honey Blonde

This creamy honey-blonde hue is probably my favorite hair color trend for 2020. It’s stunning against any skin tone, wearable for every season (’sup, summer), and actually easy to maintain.

Caramel Melt balayage

Roots, who? You can caramelize up your entire brunette mane without risking any growing-out pains by posing for balayage that focuses on the ends and around the face.

Cotton Candy Pink

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We saw lots of pastel pinks at the beginning of the year and it’s still trending, because who doesn’t get bored? Pastel pink hair was the most unexpected beauty trend to come out of quarantine.

Sunlit Honey Blonde Hair

Warm blondes like honey and gold work in harmony to create a multi-dimensional look that makes you look lit from within. 

Rich Copper 

Unfortunately, many women who work in corporate environments aren’t able to experiment with color and cuts as much because of conservative dress codes. A dark copper hue is eye-catching yet elegant. Balance the color with a sleek haircut.

Ginger Hair Color with Copper Touches.

This ginger hair is multidimensional with sultry reminder orange and rust. Try both balayage and ombre in one hairstyle to return up with a customized red hair color solution that’s modern, pretty, and radiant.

Mushroom Brunette Hair Color

When everyone else is going warm with caramel and gold, go cool with a case of the mushroom brown. It might be the trendiest look within the bunch.

Ice Blondes With a Smokey Root

Root shadowing is a good way to refresh your look, giving your hair color depth and dimension by Applying a darker shade directly to the roots giving a soft, seamless contrast.

Every Shade of Copper Red

Different shades of red mix together beautifully to create a hair color that’s vivacious and ever-changing. For an eye-catching red hair look it’s best to choose a mix of dark and medium shades, although a few pale copper strands can brighten the hair too.

Soft Cool Black Hair Color For 2021

Black hair color is usually misunderstood to be harsh when actually , it is often striking within the most stunning way if you make sure to flatter your skin tone. 

Chestnut Brown Balayage

If you love yourself some highlights and lowlights, this balayage hair color is the perfect balance of bright blonde and warm chestnut. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of people wearing it come 2021.

Pearly Blonde Dimension

Combine the pearly, silvery blonde shades of trends past with more wearable shades like golden blonde to create a hair color that requires much less upkeep.

Blonde Balayage Curls for 2021

Natural roots and blonde highlights look great on a lot of different hair types, but a golden-blonde balayage looks particularly amazing on curls, IMO. It’s the perfect choice when you don’t know when your next trip to the salon will be.

Glossy, Shiny Hair for 2021

Are Looking For something new but close to your natural hair color get a hair gloss.

Multicolored Hair

Why limit yourself to only one shade of pink? If you’re keen on experimenting together with your color, go beat with many different shades and color trends in 2021.

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